Somos ganadores del premio Adolf Horn 2017

Por nuestro enfoque innovador en cultura corporativa y nuestra pasión por ayudar a pequeñas empresas, ganamos el 10mo premio Adolf Horn al empresario Joven del Año

Jalisco Presenting the Award Adolf Horn

Jalisco Presenting the Award Adolf Horn

The Adolf Horn award ceremony was held in its tenth edition, organized by the Coordinating Council of Young Entrepreneurs of Jalisco (CCEJJ, by its Spanish initials.)

A total of 201 entrepreneurs registered to participate in the competition, of which 39 % were women and 61 % men, highlighting the participation of women in managerial levels of companies.

The president of the CCEJJ, Antonio Lancaster-Jones, highlighted the participation of women in the business sector; in addition to that the organization has worked to make opportunities equitable for all companies, regardless of size or time of creation.

On the day of the event, there were 5 finalists who came to the final stage, Elsa Maria Estrada Kelly, director and co-founder of Adweb, was the winner of the tenth Adolf Horn award to young entrepreneur, as well as making history as being the first woman to receive the award.

Estrada Kelly did not hold back her emotion for the award and expressed her appreciation for the hard work that women entrepreneurs show day after day: “I am excited because society is being rewarded because it recognizes a woman that leaves home and faces. That was why Adolf Horn was fighting and he cared more about people than about numbers and that to be recognized, that overwhelms me.”

Other finalists were:

  • Angel Salomon Rincon de la Rosa; Aro Asfaltos y Riegos de Occidente
  • Rodrigo Moya Voticky; Dulces Ticky
  • Brandon Daniel Angulo Chavez; Grupo Brada
  • Juan Alfonso Cervantes; Comercializadora Rancho Frio

The event had the presence of entrepreneurs, company directors and personalities from the private initiative, as well as representatives of the different government levels.

Winners from previous editions:

  • Leon Reffreger 2016
  • Rodrigo Velazquez 2015
  • Francisco Javier Medina 2014
  • Alberto Garcia de Quevedo 2013
  • Sergio Valencia 2012
  • Francisco Rodriguez 2011
  • Uriel Salgado 2010
  • Jesus Alejandro Alvarez and Juan Jorge Alvarez Perez 2009
  • Jaime Munoz 2008
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